An image of the courtyard at Hagan Fine Art Gallery


Image of the front door of Hagan Fine Art Gallery at 177 King St


An image of the Hagan Fine Art Galleries store sign


Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio is the working studio of Charleston Artist, Karen Hewitt Hagan, and represents over 

40 well-known, award-winning impressionistic and abstract artists from the United States, Italy, 

Ireland, India, Spain, France, Russia, Germany and Ukraine. 

HFA offers a broad variety of Lowcountry, American, European and Russian landscapes, interiors and still life as well as romantic figurative and abstract art, paintings and sculptures. 

We represent custom work ironwork chandelier maker, Tim Adams. Charleston local Impressionist artists are Karen Hewitt Hagan, Dee Beard Dean, Mary Hoffman, Madeline Dukes, Michael Cyra, Mary Ann Cope, Betsy Havens, Olessia Maximenko, and Karen Weihs. Our gallery also represents national artists Richard Oversmith, Adrian Chu Redmond, Dan Graziano, Joe Gyurcsak, Gloria Mani, Donna Talerico, Kate Faust, Brett Weaver, Kevin Macpherson OPA Master, Dawn Whitelaw, MT McClanahan, and Angela Powers. Our international artists are Alice Williams, Daniil Volkov, Antonin Passemard, Anastasia Dukhanina, Kevin McNamara, Sara Jane Doberstein, Ulrich Gleiter, and Tanvi Pathare. We also carry sculptors Scott Penegar, Thor Larsen, Shane Snider, and Mark Yale Harris.