Ulrich Gleiter

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Ulrich  Gleiter Winter_Original oil painting_ paintings_ artwork_ art_ fine art_ Impressionism_ winter_ snow_ landscape paintings_ cabin
16 x 22 in
$ 1,800
Ulrich  Gleiter Russian Spring Time March_Original oil painting_ paintings_ artwork_ art_ fine art_ Impressionism_ winter_ landscape paintings_ cabin_ forest_ snow_
Russian Spring Time (March)
17.5 x 21.5 in
$ 1,800
Ulrich  Gleiter Orange Sunset_Original oil painting_ paintings_ artwork_ art_ fine art_ Impressionism_ landscape painting_ orange_ sunset paintings_ field_ clouds
Orange Sunset
18 x 24 in
$ 2,000
Ulrich  Gleiter At the Lake_Original oil painting_ paintings_ artwork_ art_ fine art_ Impressionism
lake_ trees_ snow_ winter paintings_ landscape paintings
At the Lake
28.5 x 19.75 in
$ 2,500
Ulrich  Gleiter Svaneti Mountain
Svaneti Mountain
20 x 28 in

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Ulrich  Gleiter

Ulrich Gleiter

Ulrich Gleiter Biography

After completing his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy in 2010, is influenced in his art by the tradition of Russian Impressionism. But also, from his German background, there is a very distinctive, expressionistic note in his paintings.  Awards in 2010 include an Award for Outstanding Landscape painting from the Russian Academy of Art, and Best-of-Show Awards at Plein-Air events in California, Wyoming and Colorado. 

Also, his work was recently featured under  "Today's Masters" in Plein Air Magazine. "I am convinced, he will turn in a very interesting artist and painter, and will create numerous pieces of art that will take their place in collections and museums."  - V.S.Pesikov, Vice-Rector of the Repin Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia.  

"Ulrich is one of the brilliant young stars who is winning all the awards across America and Europe. His work is in high demand and frankly is under-valued. I have his work in my personal collection."   -- B. Eric Rhoads, CEO & Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur & Plein Air Magazines 

Ulrich Gleiter Statement

"When those oils out of your tube turn into color and light on the canvas, then your paints become a painting". - Ulrich Gleiter     

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