Mary Ann Cope, Artist in Residence

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Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence American Oak by Mary Ann Cope
American Oak
30 x 24 in
$ 4,000
Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence Window Box on Tradd_ charleston street scene_ charleston_ floral_ plants_
Window Box on Tradd
24 x 30 in
$ 4,000
Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence Ristorante Parione_ interior_ restaurant scene
Ristorante Parione
16 x 20 in
Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence Wolfsnare Creek by Mary Ann Cope
Wolfsnare Creek
20 x 16 in
$ 2,000
Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence Lets Talk by Mary Ann Cope
Let’s Talk
12 x 16 in
$ 1,200
Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence Move On
Move On
16 x 20 in
$ 2,000
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Mary Ann  Cope, Artist in Residence

Mary Ann Cope, Artist in Residence

Mary Ann Cope, Artist in Residence Biography

Meet Hagan Fine Art's  Artist in Residence, Mary Ann Cope.

Mary honed her drawing skills and perspective from the days she spent sketching the neighbors’ horses while growing up in the Ohio countryside. She gained a deep appreciation for the works of the great Masters, French and American Impressionism, great architecture and travel from her mother who frequently orchestrated museum excursions for the family. Mary’s focus turned to fashion illustration during her high school years and she seriously considered a career path in commercial art. She, however, also was intrigued by biology and chemistry and ultimately chose a scientific path for her career, graduating from Ohio Northern University with a degree in Pharmacy followed by a multi-decade career as a healthcare entrepreneur and CEO and an industry voice for legislative and regulatory issues on Capitol Hill. 

Coming full circle, these days she follows her creative flow while traveling extensively, with camera in hand, on plein air excursions in order to capture her impressions of our amazing world. Her artistic journey seeks to honor the connectedness of people, places and things that inspire, bring great joy and drive creativity.  As the Art Envoy of AuburnJames (a Napa Valley winery, she founded along with her brother, Matt in 2005), Mary curates the art for winery’s Fine Art Gallery and Tasting Rooms as well as the artwork gracing the label of their award winning Bordeaux-style red blend: AuburnJames Napa Valley - Artist Series.

As an artist, Mary is inspired to capture a nuanced sense of place in her art that connects the viewer to warm thoughts and treasured memories.  

You're invited to visit Mary Ann Cope's Working Studio daily in at Hagan Fine Art Gallery. Often you'll find Mary Ann at work there, or ask the Gallery Director for her schedule. 

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