Betsy Havens

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Betsy  Havens San Marco_ The domes and spires of the St Mark_s Basilica line the background with dark figures wandering the Square.
San Marco
36 x 36 in
Betsy  Havens On Saturday
On Saturday
30 x 24 in
$ 2,800
Betsy  Havens Sunny Day on 5th
Sunny Day on 5th
9 x 12 in
$ 700
Betsy  Havens Loving Europe
Loving Europe
16 x 20 in
$ 1,400
Betsy  Havens Light in the City
Light in the City
36 x 36 in
$ 3,200
Betsy  Havens NYC Time
NYC Time
36 x 36 in
$ 3,200
Betsy  Havens In Our City
In Our City
36 x 36 in
$ 3,200
Betsy  Havens In Midtown_ This original oil depicts a beautiful New York City street scene in the morning light of Midtown.
In Midtown
14 x 11 in
$ 950
Betsy  Havens Meeting_ Multiple figures walking into the distance without locale.
36 x 36 in
$ 3,200
Betsy  Havens Morning in the City_ This original oil depicts the shadows chasing their figures haloed with light from the morning light shining on them.
Morning in the City
24 x 20 in
$ 1,950
Betsy  Havens City for the Ages
City for the Ages
40 x 30 in
Betsy  Havens Ciudad_ A beautiful city street scene of spain. Figures walking in morning light.
30 x 24 in
Betsy  Havens From The Bridge_ Figures crossing a bridge towards the city center with a dog and a plein air painter grabbing the eye.
From the Bridge
36 x 36 in
Betsy  Havens Our Europe
Our Europe
36 x 36 in
Betsy  Havens Rain in the City
Rain in the City
24 x 24 in

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Betsy  Havens

Betsy Havens

Betsy Havens Biography

Betsy Havens began her studies at age 12 at the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia and studied art throughout her school career. Educated at the University of Georgia and the University of South Carolina she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design, and did post graduate work in the History of Architecture and Southern Literature.

She has received many awards for her work which is collected widely by private and corporate collectors. She received many Purchase Awards, Second Place in the South Carolina State Fair, placed 2nd in the “February Show” in the Rice Museum, awarded the Director’s Circle Award. Honorable Mention in the Georgetown Watercolor Society Show, Best in Show and First Place, Rice Museum. Her work is collected by corporate collectors: First Citizens Bank Permanent Collection, Colonial Life Insurance Headquarters, Themis Fine Arts Permanent Collection, etc. Two man show Rice Museum, Georgetown, S.C. and National Steeplechase Museum Show, Camden, S.C.

Betsy’s travels throughout the world give her great inspiration for her paintings of the people, the land, and the architecture. She paints her own interpretation of the cities and streets of the world filled with people, medieval and renaissance knights of Europe, domes of Byzantium, and landscapes of Tuscany, France and other European sites. 

Married to artist James E. Calk, Betsy lives in Georgetown, South Carolina.

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