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Martha  Brane Magnolia Splendor
Magnolia Splendor
24 x 30 in
$ 2,400

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Martha  Brane

Martha Brane

Martha Brane Biography

After a first career, later in life Martha Sharp took a painting class at the Gibbes Museum Studio, Charleston, SC. That was the spark that started her painting career. Painting was “love at first sight” and quickly became her life. Taking workshops with numerous national artists; Kevin MacPherson, Lois Griffel, Ron Hicks, Albert Handell, Ken Auster, Scott Burdick; as well as a wealth of museum and private study has been her art education. Over the years, her painting style has become uniquely her own with her rich color and broad brushstrokes.

Martha creates captivating light filled floral, landscape and figurative oil paintings that invite the viewer to become a part of her vision of joy, beauty and elegance. Her oil paintings are filled with rich color and energetic brushwork adding her feelings of movement and life to her art. Strong dramatic light and shadow are another of her favorite themes cultivated from painting plein aire. But most important of all to her is to change her subject matter to keep her and her work fresh and new.

Changes between subject matter come as the mood strikes. She is particularly drawn to figurative scenes; an outdoor café, street scene, nudes, ballerinas, or people, especially women in everyday settings.

“Sharp’s brush unveils to us true intimacy. She opens to us an individual’s intense personal involvement with a thought or memory or with something beautiful. Intimacy is that unusual familiarity with, and understanding of, what a person really is in a given moment. Broader than sexuality, intimacy knows emotions, habits, patterns—things that require a more attentive heart than mere disrobing. Intimacy is more about friendship, understanding and vulnerability. That’s what Sharp gives through the women in her paintings.” says The Sun News in a review of her work.

Martha Sharp's award-winning work has been shown in numerous one woman, group and juried regional shows and is showcased in corporate and private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Her work has also been featured on magazine covers; as well as recent articles in Art Galleries and Artists of the South, Art Talk of Scottsdale, and South Carolina magazines to name a few. She is an associate member of the Oil Painters of America.

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