John Beard

John  Beard


Growing up in the Florida Keys, John painted watercolors and sold them at a local gift shop.  Thirty years later, he picked up a brush in his mom’s studio and rediscovered his love of painting. As a self taught America Artist, he is driven to create.

John's work has been featured in many renowned private collections, design-related publications and exhibitions. Finding inspiration from daily life: he channels that energy to create on canvas what he is feeling. For those who discover him, artist John Beard is a rare find, like the paintings he creates for collectors.

John comes from a very talented and creative family. His mother is Dee Bead Dean and he has an aunt and a sister that are also painters.



"My inspiration comes as I begin to paint. Each painting takes on a life of it’s own. A blank canvas presents limitless possibilities.  Painting breathes life into the constant shapes, colors and ideas flowing through my mind; expressing something words cannot. From the smell of the oil, the texture of the paint, the delicate stroke or the spontaneous mix of color, painting is a stimulation of my senses.  The possibilities unfold as I combine colors and shapes inspired by everything around me. The finished work becomes so much more than an image hanging on a wall. " - John Beard