How long ago did you start painting? 


"My first art class was... my son was four, so... 26 years ago. But, I didn't really get started until I retired from medicine in 2005."


What inspired you to start painting?


"When my first child, Rachel, was five years old she would ask me to draw animals for her. One day she asked 'why do they all look the same?' Clearly, I couldn't draw. So, I bought the books Drawing with Children and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. 

Right Side teaches by flipping images upside down. So, you see straight lines and curves and shapes rather than, say, a drawing of a chair. That was great for me because that's geometry."


What words of encouragement would you give people who want to try their hand at painting?


"Be undaunted and paint for the love of it."


What's the one tip in painting you live by?


"Use a limited palette, especially when you're first starting out."


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