I use mostly Windsor Newton Artist Oil Colors, but also love the Gamblin brand. Bring what you like, but if your're using student grade, you'll love painting  a whole lot more if you try a professional grade.  

Artist and Craftsman Store on King Street in Charleston has WN and Gamblin and can help you sort this list out. 

One clay shaper tool, any size or shape.

This is the tool for signing your name and carving off paint and making fabulous shapes in the paint. It's always the hardest thing to find on this list. 


 Canvas Panels.com 

Classesns Portrait Linen # 13 on the thinner 1/4 inch baltic birch. (one of my all time favorites).


There's also Raymar.com - Love their panels also. 
You can bring any kind of panel you prefer: Canvas, Linen, Masonite, Primed wood or inexpensive canvas panels from Amazon. Just try them out before you come to class to see if you like their "feel". 

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