I was pondering the question recently of what makes this gallery’s collection of art feel so very special?


The answer came simply to me - It’s the hands.

The hands of the artists – those souls brave enough to answer the call their hearts make to create something of beauty, something unique, something compelling, something enduring. 


It’s the heart, the mind, the spirit and the hands that make all of these incredible paintings and sculptures we have in the gallery come to life. The hands of the artists give birth to the creations that connect us all.


So we wanted to take a moment to celebrate those hands, to elevate them, to lift up those hands and ultimately to empower and energize these hands as they face a new day and a new year of creating.


Our joy is seeing what they create and sharing that with you and the rest of the word.  So this is simply all about those hands. 


See what they have created here.


- Karen

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