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Join us in celebrating Hagan Fine Art's featured artist for the month of October, Richard Oversmith.

A Plein Air painter at heart, Richard Oversmith uses thick brush strokes and a strong sense of light that captures the depth of space in front of him. Get close enough and you will loose yourself. We invite you to come see his latest masterpieces in person during the CGA First Friday Artwalk on October 4th, from 5-8pm.

“This is a show not to miss, you will remember the intense feeling of Richard’s work, long after you’ve seen it.” – Karen Hewitt Hagan 

The artist will also give a demonstration on Saturday, October 5th  following the show from 1-3pm in the gallery. Seating for the demo is limited, so claim  your space early by emailing

Alice Williams is returning to the states with a wonderful new body of work. Her paintings are highly collected here and abroad. Her bright colors and beautifully expressive brush strokes make her work effortlessly timeless. You don't want to miss this visit!

Alice Williams paints, laughs, gardens, and lives with an ease and awakened wonder that infuses the very fibers of her canvas and inspires every stroke of her brush.

Taking in an Alice Williams painting is a meditation; transporting, comforting, inspiring, and revealing. Luring one in ever more deeply with its color play and thoughtful composition. Her rhythmic strokes delightfully blur the sharp edges of reality and take the viewer into a lovely, timeless, secret world they never knew they were missing.


Hagan Fine Art is delighted to introduce our newest artist to the gallery:                   New York artist Larry Horowitz.

“Some artists say working on a painting is like peeling the layers of an onion. I would tend to agree with that analogy. I try to listen carefully to what the painting wants to be. I paint quickly because, after all, the light is constantly changing. I tell the truth as I see it, leaving room for others to enter and have their own emotional response." -- Larry Horowitz 

Landscape artist Larry Horowitz, knows no boundaries in expressing stunning, pictorial locations onto canvas. He captures the vastness and solitude of scenic worlds with rich color and luscious brush and palette strokes.